What is Canvas43

We focus on providing cost effective, digital & interactive solutions to clients looking for the very best. We provide solutions in a wide range of markets including, Food Service, Commercial, Retail, Health Care and more.

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Why We Exist

Digital signage technology is sometimes out of reach for many businesses simply due to the enormous initial cost of being on the cutting edge. Canvas43 exists to provide that same level of technology and service to all businesses, regardless of size.

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What We Do

digitalmenuDigital Menu Boards

We offer creative menu board solutions and innovative point-of-sale materials to uniquely express the vision of our business partners!

promotionalloopPromotional Loops

Featuring products and services in your business is a very effective way to passively educate your customers.

videowallVideo Walls

Create a showpiece for your space that can not only show your customer promotional content, but leave a lasting impression.

directoryBuilding Directories

Digital directories allow you to grab visitors attention, show them the information they need and even save money on re-printing every time something changes.

kioskInformational Kiosks

Provide self-directed access with an interactive information directory, check in station and more with a custom informational kiosk.

campuswayfaringCampus Wayfaring

Give your visitors the information they need without having to staff a booth to help people find their way around with interactive custom maps, directions and more.

Who We Are

Brent Berry

Brent Berry

Technical Director

"I've always been into technology and how it can improve our lives. Being able to provide digital signage to local businesses allows me to continue exploring how technology can work for us while providing cutting edge signage in an affordable way."


Jeremy A. Dixon

Creative Director

"Putting together beautiful creative design and cutting edge technology marries my two main passions. I love being able to sit down with a client and help them come up with the digital signage system that will help them increase their business."